A look back at Expo-mobile

A look back at Expo-mobile

Artist Carolina Reis next showing her work in the park.

It looks like activities have resumed a pre-pandemic semblance, although the Covid threat persists. As planned, I went to the park to show my work. I had the pleasure of hosting artists Samuel Choisy and Kaylee Meyer. The beautiful weather was with us and it was such a great experience to see people of all ages respond to our work that I will definitely be recreating Expo-mobile in the future!

Check out my interview on Radio-Canada about the event (in French only):


Visual artist Kaylee Meyer showint her work in the park.
Artist Kaylee Meyer, August 15 2021.

Artists Samuel Choisy and Carolina Reis showing their work in the park.
Artist Carolina Reis and Samuel Choisy, August 14 2021.

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