Carolina Reis Artist Designer and Illustrator

Born in Portugal and living for more than 25 years on Turtle Island (aka Canada), I am a Francophone visual artist, designer and curator based in T'karonto. I draw with threads and textiles. I weave, intertwine and forge links between the virtual and the material, between the imaginary and the tangible. I am fascinated with the omnipresent virtual communications and intangible connections that links all living things. We are part of a vast interconnected web of relations upon which our lives depend for our most basic necessities. To make this very real but invisible aspect of our life visible and tangible, I turn to thread. When it is interlaced or woven in particular structures, it becomes very strong, just like the invisible connections we are part of.

Using textiles as a means to reflect on gender conditions and inequalities, I propose a different approach to the use of fibre and textile materials and raise awareness to aspects of our culture which go unnoticed but which condition our life. My hope is to awaken to new ways of seeing the world and share moments of wonder that enrich our everyday life.

Being socially and environmentally responsible in all parts of my work is important for me. I choose natural, recycled and local materials and produce zero waste as much as possible. I am always searching for ways to reduce my footprint. Ultimately, I aspire to render my activities completely neutral to the planet.

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Photography: Samuel Choisy