La forme suit le corps / Form Follows Body






Form Follows Body / La forme suit le corps is an experimental project studying the relationship between the shape of a garment and the body, their respective locations in space, and their changes in position through movement. While clothing is mainly designed for a standing position, the body has the capacity to take many other positions. If clothes were shaped differently, would that affect the way we moved and the positions we adopted?

To answer this question, I started with the sitting position, as we spend many more hours sitting than standing in our daily activities. For this a body suit was designed with details shaped like the heel of a sock to accommodate the articulations of the body. A double bed knitting machine was used to make the circular pieces needed for this project. Making tubular shapes came naturally in a process of deconstructing and reconstructing each part of the body.

This multichannel installation is composed of a video showing the knits being built around the body and two mannequins wearing the knits in two different positions.


Contact me for commissions of for questions about this installation.

I would like to thank the support of the Ontario Arts Council and The Yarn Guy in the creation of this project.