Connected through solidarity

Connected through solidarity

infinity 12 pointed golden star on an emerald background

Everything in the universe is connected, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. For many years, I have been creating networks of all kinds with knitted or embroidered threads to represent the different ways in which the world is interconnected. Drawing on my textile work, I have created a series of digital images for the holidays now available on Redbubble. I chose this platform because it is the only one that provides an ethical policy and sustainable materials.

In the spirit of solidarity, all proceeds generated on my Redbubble account until Wednesday, November 23 will go to Community Connect Toronto, an organization that provides food and meals to help marginalized families and communities through difficult times. More and more people everywhere are having to rely on food banks. What affects one person affects everyone.

Follow this link to get holiday gifts and support this cause!

On greeting cards and other products, you'll find infinity stars representing the cycle of time, as well as suns, planets, and hummingbirds for the cosmos, hope, and determination, all connected by lines and networks reinforcing the idea of interconnectedness.

I hope my greeting cards bring you happiness and that happiness will surely be shared and multiplied!

assortement of greeting cards

Hummingbird with sun and stars on a network landscape

Image : Cosmic Hummingbird, digital illustration, 2022.

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