Expo-mobile 2021

Expo-mobile 2021

Expo-mobile poster

From Friday to Sunday, August 13 - 15, I will be setting up a mobile exhibition at Kew Gardens Park near the beach!

You will see works of art in high definition by myself, as well as the works of Samuel Choisy (on Friday 13) and other guest artists.

For several years prior to the pandemic, I have been exhibiting regularly. My perseverance was paying off and my work was beginning to attract collectors, but since the confinement, this momentum has been abruptly halted. Showing visual arts in the virtual space is challenging. It feels like being drowned in a multitude and having to compete with thousands of other sites that have much more resources to attract Internet users. For this reason, I decided on another strategy: to go into the park to meet the public that became eager for outdoor space during the pandemic. Three-dimensional encounters are always more memorable and rewarding. Seeing reactions and interacting live with the public is one of the aspects I miss the most since the confinements and physical distancing.

All current Covid protocols will be in place.

See you at the Beach! 🏖


I would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council in this project.

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