Zero Waste 1/2

Zero Waste 1/2

Footprint On Snow by Carolina Reis

On Christmas Eve, my son watched an episode of Our Planet and told me in figures and data about the dizzying decline of life and animal species. For example, there are only 5% of polar bears left, 80% of corals are dead and it is predicted that within 8 years all the corals on the planet will have bleached. It has plunged me into a deep environmental anxiety to imagine the present and irreversible destruction even before today's children reach adulthood and are able to do anything to prevent these mass extinctions. Rather than sinking into despair, I want to do everything I can to avoid adding to my burden on the planet. In 2021, I am aiming for Zero Waste / zéro déchet. This is easier said than done. My consumption is already very minimal. I can abstain from buying all kinds of products, but I cannot abstain from eating and feeding my family. It is in food that we use the most packaging and produce the most waste. In the next few days, I will make a plan with achievable limits and the goal of significantly reducing our production of waste and recyclable packaging. Even recycling is a scourge, all plastics that cannot be recycled end up in nature. Have you ever tried not to create waste? Do you have any suggestions?

I know it's such a small action in the face of the massive destruction that looms over us, but I have no choice but to do my part.

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